Charisma is NOT bestowed by your fairy godmother at birth: it's a skill set. Years of award-winning, international performance, teaching presentation skills and voice, and as an author and speaker - I have a unique skill set. What do you need?

Discover How To Make A Great First Impression

  • Discover the simple mindset shift that gets you focused and calm, so you nail every speaking gig
  • Use the Authentic Presentation Formula and deliver your point impactfully, without seeming sales-y.
  • Magnetic Listening: discover how to make your networking fun, your confidence soar and your clients love you

People Are Saying

Sarah Blood Sarah Blood, Educator | Singer

My work with Adria has been truly inspiring. She has helped me discover true strength, beauty, excitement, and enthusiasm within myself that I was unaware existed. Her caring approach has helped me transform my presentations from timid and rigid, to lively and effervescent. Thank you Adria for helping me break out of my shell! I couldn't have done it without you.

Carly Meyers Carly Meyers, Educator

Adria Firestone has been such a help vocally and with my presence. When I spoke, I couldn't be heard and when I taught I was so tired from straining for the students to hear me. I have been gradually learning to loosen jaw tension, strengthen my core and use my breath to speak. Huge difference. Now I can be heard without effort on my part and my body posture and body language are so much more powerful. I'm not where I want to be yet, but I'm well on the way.


    Part I.  Lose your fear & develop a compelling speaking voice

    Part II. Learn how to write, create and deliver, a great presentation


    Part I Get specific with body language. Your every gesture counts.

    Part II Mental attitude changes everything. Harness power from the inside out.


    Part I Get off the runway and into personal style. Look like YOU!

    Part II The Secret of power dressing. What suits your frame, your coloring and your body language?

Solve Your Presentation Problems: Follow the Simple Steps in this Class to Create & Deliver a Professional Presentation!

Class Coming Soon

YOU CAN DO IT! If you need to propose a project to your boss, speak to 6 or 600 people, this slender volume will make your task easier. You are guided through 3 easy-to-follow, streamlined, practical steps to complete a professional presentation. By the time you answer the questions in the Wrap Up section, your presentation is done.

"Spot on! Ms. Firestone writes with calm, authority, passion and enthusiasm. She keeps things simple and real. I especially liked her wise words on knowing your audience. The best part is that she keeps it fun. An essential book for anyone who dreads public speaking or professional presentations." Amazon, 5 Stars by Pistolino

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Thank you for all of your suggestions and the books you told me about. I found the foundation garment you suggested and it’s very comfortable and pretty. I decided to be really brave and make a big change. I cut my hair shoulder length, colored it red and got my eyebrows shaped. The short of it is that I felt like a movie star today when I sang the competition. And I won! I know that my voice is the same voice that I have always had, but I felt much more confident in my new package. Thank you for again for your great advice!

Lisa Ploetz, Singer | Educator

I don't recognize myself anymore. My speaking voice has changed and how I stand, how I dress - man, I don't know where to start. I have aced my past two sales calls and my bank account shows it. I'm losing my fear and I have never felt this way before. I don't want to use to my name because I want everybody to think I've always been this way. 🙂 Adria, thank you, thanks for changing my life! No exaggeration there.

Sam M., Entrepreneur