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John Hoomes, General & Artistic Director, Nashville Opera John Hoomes, General & Artistic Director, Nashville Opera

It is not often in life that one is fortunate enough to meet a dynamic individual who can truly be termed a “a force of nature,” but Adria Firestone is just that.  She is well-spoken, multi-talented and brilliant at communicating with and inspiring an audience, whether the setting be a darkened theater, a student master class, or a professional boardroom. Her positive attitude and inspiration are infectious. Adria Firestone’s passion and generosity for sharing her skills are a special gift to be experienced by all.

Ann Corbett, MS, BSN, RN, Hackensack University Medical Center Ann Corbett, MS, BSN, RN, Hackensack University Medical Center

Words cannot express our gratitude for your visit. The patients on our floor have all experienced traumatic life changes due to their diagnosis of cancer.

You provided our patients with a customized presentation which addressed their needs and provided a safe, comfortable space for them to discuss their fears while visualizing a new tomorrow. Thank you from our patients and nursing staff, for visiting HUMC 8PE and breathing new life into the hearts of our disheartened patients.

Adria Firestone
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Professional Development & Personal Growth

YATA coverAdria’s book, You Are the Artist of Your Life is the springboard to ignite your next event. Plan a weekend workshop or a rousing keynote at large event. download one sheet

You Are the Artist of Your Life  You created your with the brushes of your experience. Learn how to pick new colors and create a life you love.

Michael Hirsch

Adria is a master speaker and magical storyteller. She is authentic, transforms her listeners and combines common sense with engaging humor.

Michael Hirsch
Director | Actor | Composer
Lee Moore

Your speaking is infused and driven by spirituality, love, peace and kindness. It was immensely satisfying to see people grow in response to what you give.

Lee Moore
Software & Systems Designer

University & School Programs

A university professor since 2003, Adria speaks the language of her students. 
College one sheet.

The ZEBRA Method3d_copy (1) Adria leads the emerging performer to honest evaluation of their ability, audition prep, best use  of internet resources and how to develop  focus and power.

The Business of Show Business    Young artists learn how to keep their integrity and sanity intact while building their brand, strengthening their performance skills and deepening their artistic impact. Music one sheet  

Attendees at the Girls Career Institute

Passionate, Interesting, AMAZING SPEAKER! Firestone was a wonderfully talented woman who brought glee to the people she met. She taught us the three c's: Compassion, Collaboration and Creativity.

Attendees at the Girls Career Institute
New Jersey Greater Federation of Women's Clubs