What Do You Need?

Three decades of international, award-winning performance, fifteen years of teaching presentation skills and voice at a university, over a dozen years as a business and life coach - I have a unique skill set. What do you need?

Choose Your Brushes, Choose Your Colors. . .

Each lesson in You Are the Artist of Your Life is a key to unlock your real self. The short chapters and the included journal, give you tools to shape your life, lift depression and soothe your soul. You truly are the artist of your life: make it a masterpiece.

I never thought about myself as an artist, until now. This is a book about looking within yourself and realizing every day gives you a blank canvas and all the paint and brushes you need to create your own artwork/life.
Amazon 5 Star review, Spencer, Vermont

The Life Design Formula

  • Get clear on what you really want
  • Design a life makeover tailored to you
  • Step into personal freedom
  • Become a prosperity magnet
  • Use the magic & miracles of gratitude
Armanda Cerqueira Armanda Cerqueira, Student Academic Adviser, Rutgers University -Newark

I “should have” been happy and yet… I wasn’t.

I was in denial about a lot of things and living according to “shoulds.”  I would have never figured it out had I not dived into the Life Design Formula course with both feet!

This course is my perfect storm. Now, finally, I can see what I want. YOU WILL WORK, but with all the love, support, and encouragement you could ever desire.

If, for one second, you think you need change in your life, take this course! You will not regret it; I can promise you that.

Make Space for Your Life

  • Achieve clarity & radiant health
  • Attract & keep love
  • Have better relationships with friends and family
  • Become a prosperity magnet
  • Never be late again because you have nothing to wear
Tujuana Merriewether Tujuana Merriewether, Senior Real Estate Associate

I have been in the real estate business for over 15 years and I have worked with many contractors and designers. Adria is a powerhouse of ideas and has many creative solutions on how to turn unusable space into comfortable living space. She loves to clear clutter and is a whiz with placement and color.

Adria’s skill at listening to her clients’ wants and needs inspire you to look at things and space in a new way. Her coaching skill and founding and running a construction company, make for a unique individual who will leave you with systems and beauty that enhance your quality of life and work for you.