Everything you want, you are already that. ~ Rumi

What if you were the knight on the white horse you have been waiting for?

  • Learn how to choose happiness
  • Harness the power of radical acceptance
  • Experience the peace of meditation
  • Clear your mind & home of clutter
  • Make new choices and design a life you love

I dare anyone who is ready to work for real change in their lives to work with this trailblazer, you WILL NOT be disappointed!

Milagros Gonzalez, MA, Music Educator, Choreographer, Performer

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Nicola Wynne Nicola Wynne, Gold Level Realtor

Adria has been my business coach for approx. two months. Adria understands the complexities of being self-employed. She has an outstanding ability to listen, hear and pinpoint the areas that need work. She has held me accountable on some critical issues and I have executed all of my urgent issues with her help and guidance. Kind, funny and lovingly brutal, Adria is moving me to the next level in my career as a Realtor. I would recommend to her anyone looking to simplify life, work more effectively and ultimately achieve your personal goals. Consistently on time, on point ..great follow -up...exceeds my expectations.

Annerys DeSoto Annerys DeSoto, Music Educator, Singer

Adria - truly is a Firestone. Her presence is like a fire that warms the parts of you, you thought were too frozen and hidden to be found. The warmth of her love and positivity infuse you in a way that after encountering her you really can't be the same. For those who are blessed enough to work with her, she is a diamond among women. She helps you see where you are, and where you can be. A diamond who is there to let you know that all the pain and sacrifices and pressures you endure in the end will reveal that all diamonds come from coal.

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