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Hello, I’m Adria Firestone, speaker, author and life coach. For acting and voice overs, click hereThis site is a map to my websites and services. How may I serve you?

You Are the Artist bookAdria’s New Book is Here!

This book is your personal guide and journal for self-discovery and transformation. Here are the brushes and tools to paint a new life, lift depression and soothe your soul. The pages will become your unique canvas, a tangible record of your life makeover. It’s all about you. You can begin with baby steps, or leap into change as your heart guides you. Wearing a mask to survive and pretending everything was fine – that was me. Sound familiar? How many times I said yes when I really meant no. To everyone else I looked like a success, but inside, I felt like a failure. No one could tell. I felt like a fraud and I wasn’t happy. What I wanted wasn’t respected. What I felt didn’t matter. What I needed was ignored. I wasn’t even on the list. I hit burnout and found my way into healing. It is possible, I did it; you can too! You are the artist of your life and you have the power to make it a masterpiece.


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