• Ask for what you want & design a more fulfilling life
  • Build reserves & make self-care a nurturing habit
  • Attain personal freedom & become a happiness magnet

Adria is a s powerful as a Category 4 Hurricane, but she comes at you like gentle rain. . .She helps you understand you are not competing with the world, only with yourself.

Greysy Valdes
  • Want expert help for your Ted Talk or video resume?
  • Need an exciting speaker for your event?
  • Stuck in an unfulfilled life/job: need a coach now?

Adria's satisfied clients are a testament to her skill and expertise. 20+ years of award-winning international success as a performer, life coach, speaker and educator, Adria has undergone deep transformation. She built her happiness, step by step; if she can do it, so can you.

I never thought about myself as an artist, until now. This is a book about looking within yourself and realizing every day gives you a blank canvas and all the paint and brushes you need to create your own artwork/life.

Spencer, Vermont
Amazon 5 Star Review

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